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Since I’m chugging away at commissions, and fighting off sleep.. I have a general question, if any of my followers know or anybody really! 

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, is there a general RP server? Or is it just kind of random and few/far between? I haven’t seen much… 

But, I play on Exodus so I’d have to roll new or something. Just let me know. :) 


If you are underage you can’t commission us NSFW things. 
You know why? It’s ILLEGAL and since we are adult we really risk a lot if they discover we sell ‘porn’ to underage people.
Please don’t make things difficult for us. And don’t lie for the sake of getting a nsfw drawing from us. 

heirofspider8reath replied to your post: “have u ever drawn bro/grandpa?”:
whaaaaaaaaaat you should poooooost it XDDD

but it’s ugly and bad and not really proportionate or anything. :( ;alskdgj maybeicanjustdrawnewstuff.

I’m gonna gush here for a minute, you don’t have to read but damn I’m excite. :D 

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