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Since I’m chugging away at commissions, and fighting off sleep.. I have a general question, if any of my followers know or anybody really! 

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, is there a general RP server? Or is it just kind of random and few/far between? I haven’t seen much… 

But, I play on Exodus so I’d have to roll new or something. Just let me know. :) 


If you are underage you can’t commission us NSFW things. 
You know why? It’s ILLEGAL and since we are adult we really risk a lot if they discover we sell ‘porn’ to underage people.
Please don’t make things difficult for us. And don’t lie for the sake of getting a nsfw drawing from us. 

heirofspider8reath replied to your post: “have u ever drawn bro/grandpa?”:
whaaaaaaaaaat you should poooooost it XDDD

but it’s ugly and bad and not really proportionate or anything. :( ;alskdgj maybeicanjustdrawnewstuff.

I’m gonna gush here for a minute, you don’t have to read but damn I’m excite. :D 

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Anonymous sent: how come you always draw cutesy boylove almost about to mash face but never actually kissing? just wondering.

To be honest? A lot of the time I can never get the angles to look right, and they always look awkward or very flat kissing. :( But there’s something about almost mashing faces that’s just a little romantic. Ya know? Maybe that’s just me. I will try to do more kissing stuffs, anon! <3

Anonymous sent: have u ever drawn bro/grandpa?

Actually, I have, I just haven’t posted it. XD It’s one of secret ships, ya know? I may have to make an exception to that. *snort*

I also can&#8217;t help myself. And want to share. That mask is the best thing ever. It&#8217;s fitting for D&#8217;irk. *snort* PUDGY HORNS.

I also can’t help myself. And want to share. That mask is the best thing ever. It’s fitting for D’irk. *snort* PUDGY HORNS.

A bit of an Emergency here.


I don’t really know what else to do here, and honestly, I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ll just hit from the start and we’ll see how it goes? 

Well, quite a few years ago, I had a bad incident with my back and couldn’t walk for quite a while! I was fortunate enough to be seen by a chiropractor (who is pretty much my life saver at this point!) who worked out a payment plan to help me out. Within one or two visits, I was able to walk again. And it was a damn miracle. I’ve had to stop seeing him since, due to lack of funds. But that’s not entirely why I’m reaching out today. 

I’m reaching out today because my parents are getting divorced, and my mom, niece and I are moving out. Not only that, my mom broke her dentures because of all the strain and jittering she’s had due to all this stress. Now all of this sort of slammed into us today

Those who know me, know what my home life is like. For those that don’t, I’ll spare the long winded post that would follow if I were to describe it. 

So, right now, I’m asking for help. Not only to help us move out, but to help my mom repair her teeth. 

I’m going to open up commissions. Emergency commissions. And I’m making a super super SUPER exception. Pay what you want for full-colors, Bust/Waist-up/Full-body. OCs, Fanart, Couples, NSFW are all welcome. Please understand, I’m in desperate standings and need all the help I can get. If you want to donate, you’re more than welcome to, I’m still going to draw something special just for you. 

I draw almost everything. The only things I’m absolutely NO on are vore/extreme gore

If you’re interested in helping me, shoot me an email at whitewolfstudios@ymail.com.

Even if you can’t donate or anything, I appreciate that you took the time to read this instead. And if you feel comfortable doing so, please pass it along. I would be most appreciative. Thank you!


I want to start off by saying THANK YOU!! Thank you to everybody who’s reblogged, everybody who’s helped, everybody who’s offered to assist me with my endeavor. I can’t say it enough, and I want to say thank you to everybody again! 

After calling around and setting up a quick emergency appointment, we got final totals on the cost to fix mom’s teeth. The estimate is sitting on $600-700 dollars. This is a lot of money! But as it stands, the dentist gave us a good window of $1000 at least for all repairs and fittings. This, again, is a lot of money. So the commissions will stay open until I reach the goal of $1500. 

The extra will be used for moving costs and emergency down payments on a rental space. We’re already sitting on $150, and that alone has helped secure my mom’s appointment for her dentist! :D So, I wanted to shoot an update along, and let everybody know what’s going on! 

Commissions will stay open until the goal is met, or at least close to it! Even enough to cover mom’s denture repairs. And as for the other commissions! Stay tuned, will have them up over the course of the next few days! Again, thank you! :D

hoiist replied to your photo: “I got a late start, but I wanted to share. Because I like how it’s…”:


I got a late start, but I wanted to share. Because I like how it&#8217;s turning out so far. :&#8217;D 

I got a late start, but I wanted to share. Because I like how it’s turning out so far. :’D