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fat chocobo is love
fat chocobo is life


fat chocobo is love

fat chocobo is life

Anonymous sent: I'm going to kick my moirail in the face because she's being a little shit about this, but she wants to know how you consider the two of you? Is it platonic, or..?

Do what now? I’m not very good with subtle drops here and there, anon. Gonna have to be more specific. And if that makes you uncomfy, I won’t post it. 

But seeing as I don’t know to whom or what this is about, I’m going to say Pineapples. 

Anonymous sent: Ahh, you're so fucking adorable, my heart can't take it. I'm flailing with a red face right now.

a;sldkg;asg a;sdg youshouldsayhioffanon sowecanflailandberedfacedtogether bythewaynotadorable.


i hope no one was too attached to my hair because i chopped it off


i hope no one was too attached to my hair because i chopped it off

lainypenofdeviantart replied to your post: *whispers* Lunar Eclipse tonight, beau…

If I’m really really really quiet, can I watch it with you?

Pshaw, you don’t have to be quiet. <3 Fuck, wish I had Davesprite done. :( So we could go out in cosplay and do geeky shit. That’d be cute as fuck. *hugs* :D

*whispers* Lunar Eclipse tonight, beautiful copper moons. Don’t miss it. Supposed to peak at 3:45 am ET. YOU BET YOUR ASS I’MMA BE SITTING OUTSIDE WATCHIN IT.

On that Rainbow Road with You


An old piece I revamped and finished for 4/13. There’s no birthday mentions, but the sentiment is running around either way.

I had a lot of fun with this one.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Notes: Fluff, Implied/Soft, Sweet BroJohnDave

You’ve been back in the Strider abode for a grand total of two hours and thirty-six minutes and you have already come to two groundbreaking re-conclusions in that amount of time.

Number one: Dave is a dweeb.

Number two: Dave’s bro is an even bigger dweeb.

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The only cloth turn in I know of, at least, that’s still in the same spot? Is the Human buccaneer who’s just outside the exit of Booty Bay itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if WoWhead had a guide to do it at current.

Yeah, I know where all the cloth turn-in NPCs are for each goblin faction and how much cloth I need,

it’s just that I’ve been browsing around and most of the people going for the achiev have been denied it because they did the cloth turn-ins and lost their BB rep (even with the Avast Ye, Admiral achiev and the hat for proof that they had the rep) so I’m really wary about doing the turn-ins.

Yeah, no, I feel yah. I do. Ugh. 

The only thing then I guess would be to try to look around and see if someone was decent enough to do it themselves or try to ticket a GM. I mean, the only thing they’ll probably give you is the basic “Can’t give you hints and tips” blah blah blah jargon but I mean… who else can you ask? But even that’s risky only because, yeah, God knows if they know it too. Some do, some don’t. 

I had started most of my stuff before the changes, and was halfway through it before the changes took place. So I can’t offer anything real substantial because all I know is that it “should” count, even if all you did was hit “Honored” and then redid all the goblin reps. :/ But even then, that’s probably inaccurate. 

I know the WoWhead guides have been… less than stellar lately. So. 

There’s really no harm in asking a GM too, I guess. Just to see what they say, even if it’s the usual “Can’t help, can’t give tips” blah crap. Ya know?



Oh look. I finished something. *scuttles off*

Oh look. I finished something. *scuttles off*